How to dress aesthetic

Hello everybody. So today, I’m going to be showing you how to be aesthetic.


So basically, there are 4 categories I’m going to be telling

you about. And I’m not going to bother explaining them. Let’s just begin. 


1 The first step to being aesthetic is having a Kanken.

This backpack gets it’s own category, because without it

you’re just not aesthetic- I’m sorry I don’t make the rules. If you do not have a Kanken

RIGHT NOW pause and go and buy one.

Because, like I said, if you don’t have this backpack then you’re not aesthetic.

2 The next step is fashion.

Your fashion game has to be ON POINT.

Otherwise, you’ll just look basic, and who wants to be basic?

So there is a rule when it comes to being AeStHeTiC and FaShIoNaBlE. You have to dress like you’re

from the 70s, 80s or 90s.

No other decade.

If you’re out here looking like you’re from the 1920s , I’m sorry, that’s just… no.

And you most certainly cannot look like you’re from 2018, because that’s just disgraceful.

So I’m going to show you the fashion essentials that you need in your closet.

First thing. Windbreakers.

Basically, you just need a windbreaker to make it look like you’re from the eighties. Because, who

doesn’t want that? And your windbreaker can’t be from New Look, Topshop, Primark- it has

to be PURE VINTAGE. If it’s not directly from the eighties, then I’m sorry but it doesn’t

count. And now I’m going to show you the number 1 secret of how to be aesthetic. I honestly

shouldn’t be telling you this, but I’m just breaking the rules over here. You will need…

this shirt.

As you can see, this shirt has ‘Honey’ written on it, and… it’s just so…

beautiful, simple. There are also three things which you’ll need in your wardrobe. I want

you to remember this- C Y S. Checkered, Yellow, Stripes. If your clothes are not Checkered,

Striped or Ye- wait I said that the wrong way round. uHmHmmm. For checkered, you’ll

be needing checkered vans, because nobody has these. They are original. They are you

How do I, like, take back in the words that I just said? Checkered clothes are also great.

And for yellow clothing, just pick up anything that is yellow. If it’s orange, NO. If it’s

red, NO. Yellow… YES. And also, STRIPES. There are so many different varieties. Stripes

with gaps in between them, *echo*. And, stripes with roses on them. bEcAuSe WhO dOeSnT LoVe

RoSeS? And now for the accessories!1!1! The number one thing you will need in any outfit.

Scrunchies, yay! So basically, just put as many scrunchies as possible on your wrist,

so your blood circulation starts cutting off, and you feel like you’re about to faint. OW.

And you’ll also be needing cool glasses.

3 Music

From now on, the only two people you’ll be stanning are Billie Eilish and Clairo.

Billie Eilish and Clairo are just so eDgY aNd uNiQuE, so if you’re listening to their

music then you’re going to look eDgY aNd uNiQuE. You are not allowed to like mainstream music,

because that’s just inappropriate. And it’s even better if you have something of them

in your room, maybe a vinyl, poster, merch? That way people will know you are truly dedicated

to your music taste, and you are incredibly EdGy.

4 And the last category… room decor.

 You’ll also be needing some form of ART in your room. And you’ll also be needing a bunch of fake

plant *voice crack* Oh my gosh what was that voice crack. Because we’re just dedicated

to being aesthetic, so we don’t have the time to keep plants alive.

So, that was my guide to being aesthetic. If you follow these rules, then I GUARANTEE you nobody will call you basic ever again. 

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